Friday, March 22, 2013

Autism Acceptance Day and Month 2013 Call for Submissions

Do you have an article about Autism Acceptance that you would like to be published here on the International Autism Acceptance Year (IAAY) blog? You can send original submissions OR give permission to reprint your article here on the original Autism Acceptance Day and Month site. This is International Autism Acceptance Year (2012-2013) so it would be great if you wanted to post something during this special year.  You also have the option of linking a blog post on your own site to this site. Posts can also appear on the original blog here: Autism Acceptance Day

Submission requirements:

You blog post must be about Acceptance of autism, and it must be something positive about autism, even if it is about difficulties Autistics sometimes have. It does not have to be all "flowers and sunlight" but it may not put down autism. Also not up for consideration are posts about "I accept my child but I hate the autism." (Of course you may write that if you want, but it won't be posted here.)

To submit links, please write in the comments section, and I will transfer them to a links list. 

For submissions for consideration as stand-alone posts or reprints, please write to me at pdurbinwestby at gmail dot com.

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